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Don’t ever let a kiss in your courtship spell lust. I don’t mind your kissing each other after you have had several dates; [remember who he is speaking to here–returned missionaries], but not the ‘Hollywood kiss,’ not the kiss of passion, but the kiss of affection, and there won’t be any trouble. A French kiss is the “Hollywood” kiss that President Kimball described above. The prophet, President Kimball, tells us that, “in interviewing repenting young folks, as well as some older ones, I am frequently told that the couple met their defeat in the dark, at late hours, in secluded areas …the car was most often the confessed seat of the difficulty, It became their brothel.” BEWARE. If you are in a home or apartment with others and they slowly all leave except for you and your partner, then ONE OF YOU should leave at that time also! If you frequent bars, you will fall into serious transgressions. We cannot overemphasize immodesty as one of the pitfalls to be avoided if we would shun temptation and keep ourselves clean.” On occasions, I have found young ladies who wore things which were immodest and did not realize it. A kiss is an evidence of love, not an evidence of lust—but it can be. This type of conduct is far too intimate and is extremely suggestive. Especially in the high school years, parking in an automobile has been the down fall of many choice young people. Just don’t ever place yourself where something could happen. If you would live just this one rule ALWAYS, you would significantly reduce your chances of ever falling. Now, please never go to bars – even just to dance or listen to the music. Girls, immodest clothing includes two-piece swimming suits or ones with low necklines and french-cut sides, halter tops, short shorts, tight-fitting clothes, short skirts, low necklines, etc. (Even in the summer) President Kimball tells us that those who do not actively resist the evil influence of immodesty will “absorb and foster it.” He goes on to say, “I see some of our LDS mothers, wives, and daughters wearing dresses extreme and suggestive in style. I wonder if our sisters realize the temptation they are flaunting before men when they leave their bodies partly uncovered or dress in tight-fitting, body-revealing, form-fitting sweaters … Each partner should be responsible for his own actions. You must have firmly planted in your mind right from wrong, and do not let ANYONE talk you into anything that would not meet the Savior’s approval.

What they did not realize is that they don’t stand straight all day – they sit, they stoop, they lean over, and their clothes become immodest.

kissing would be saved at least until these later hallowed courtship days when they could be free from sex and have a holy meaning.” In an address delivered to RETURNED MISSIONARIES (not high school-aged people, but those in the courting years), President Kimball said, ” . Necking and petting are lustful; they are not love . Often I have found that a couple originally parked to discuss a problem or work out an argument—not to make out—however, after the problem was resolved, they kissed to make-up and things developed from there. DO NOT underestimate the power of Satan to use your natural drives, if you place yourself in a vulnerable position enough times YOU WILL FALL. ALL looked well in the mirror as they stood there with shoulders back and standing up straight.

David of old, choice in the sight of God, allowed his eternal soul to fall into the depths of hell. I have looked into the tear-filled, sorrowful eyes of too many good latter-day saint youth involved in moral transgressions not to know how easy it is to fall.

Can we say that God has been with us as much as He was with David in his youth? I have asked myself time and time again why some fall and others do not.

Where you are, who you are with, where you are going, what you are doing, and what time you are doing it, are all controlled by you, and will help or hinder you.

Following many interviews, it became apparent, that the key to maintaining moral chastity was in preventive action. Now, you might feel like these dating rules do not apply to “older people.” I would like to direct you to rule number 17 – Never think you are the exception. They DO NOT bind you down, but rather free you from the things that cause countless heartaches. So laugh at me all you want for committing to dating on this level, but the kind of man I want to attract won’t have a problem with them at all. After everything I have been through there is too much at stake to make stupid mistakes. It turns out that many singles in the church struggle with remaining chaste. It’s sad but true and I am not interested in being one of those. In doing this he physically placed himself in a position which could allow sin to strike.

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