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For the Tinder boost I chose a Thursday at around P. which was one of the best times to use a boost, according to my research at the time. I will concede that the Tinder boost only lasted for a half hour whereas my new Tinder profile was for a full day.

So it could be argued that Tinder boosts are better.

It can also be argued that this test wasn’t the best because I’ve only done it once. But that’s only part of the point, why pay for a boost when you can get about the same results for free?

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Then, I bought a single Tinder boost to test which was better.

When my profile was still new I got 11 matches on the first day of swiping. I only managed to get 8 matches in a single day with my Tinder boost.

You open up your Tinder account with a sense of dread… “Is there even a point to continue mindlessly swiping?

” you think to yourself, trying to figure out “How can I hook up on Tinder when I don’t have any matches? So let’s go over some of the common reasons that I’ve seen for why some guys have an empty Tinder (or other online dating) account.

This is what I do: create a new profile at the beginning of the month. Then leave the app for at least an entire day, sometimes two whole days.

Then swipe as normal and start talking to the women you matched with.As well as, what to do about it so that you can stop looking at a painfully blank account and start looking at a blissfully beautiful account that you can use to hook up on Tinder.But before that, if you want to be able to hook up on Tinder you still need to be able to present yourself in a sexy way.During this test I managed to get 41 matches in a single month (though as I talk about down below I don’t swipe on the last week, so technically this would be 3 weeks instead of a full month).Not super great, but not bad, especially considering the fact that they were cell phone pictures.I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just delete my profile and get the new profile boost.

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