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Click on the button below to check out Afro for yourself...The Caribbean…even the sound of it is relaxing, a perfect place for a vacation.We were slightly disappointed by the fact that members can only add 5 photos to their profiles.

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We were really impressed by the features on Afro Introductions, and feel they set this site apart from others we have reviewed.

There are a couple of things which could be improved, such as being able to store more than 5 images on a profile and being able to further customize the layout of your profile.

For some people, platinum membership of Afro Introductions (which opens up all of the features that are available on the site) may seem a little expensive.

Thankfully, Afro Introductions has a free trial membership option available, so we would suggest that all members who think they may be interested in Afro Introductions give the free membership a try and see whether they enjoy the features available on the site.

Finally, members have access to (and can also contribute to) a range of articles on dating, sexual safety, travel and more.

These little extras can make all the difference, particularly if you’re waiting around on the site for a reply and need something to do.

If things look very promising, then the platinum membership may turn out to be a valuable investment.

Afro Introductions provides members with a range of great features when it comes to starting a profile and attracting other members.

When building profiles, members have access to a range of different 'modules' or sections, which can be completed at leisure, and added to their profiles.

You can include all the basic information you wish, plus a bit extra to help sell yourself.

Its members are from around the globe but they share a common interest: they are interested in black or interracial dating.

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