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As mentioned above, Mumford dated fellow singer Marling.

As for Mulligan, after a little fling with Eddie Redmayne, she was seen out and about with Jake Gyllenhaal.

All Carey Mulligan has ever known is acting, something she developed a passion for when she was still a child.

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Although being wooed by Mumford doesn't seem like it would take very long after listening to his band's albums and hopelessly romantic lyrics, it turns out that Mulligan and Mumford have a story that would fit right into a Jane Austen novel.

Before their nine month courtship that ended in a wedding in 2012, Mulligan and Mumford were childhood pen pals! Well, rumor has it that they both attended a Christian church camp — they both grew up in religious families — when they were about 12 years old.

The story is widely published although the couple has stayed pretty mum on the subject.

Mumford's parents, both still involved in their evangelical church, officiated the couple's marriage in 2012. Before getting together, both Mulligan and Mumford dated around.

The 'Never Let Me Go' actress is said to be enjoying a romantic weekend with the Mumford and Sons folk musician in Buckinghamshire, south east England, after flying to the UK from her New York base to be with him.

The pair were spotted getting friendly at an intimate gig in Nashville last month and have reportedly been spending time together since in the 24-year-old singer's London home, as well as enjoying a break together in the Orkney Islands in Scotland last week.

She broke into the mainstream in 2009, thanks to her role in the coming-of-age drama, .

Join us as we unravel more about this British entertainer’s life and career.

They both attended a Mumford & Sons house party in Nashville in February 2011., and either she was just friends with Gyllenhaal or she dropped him real quick, because the following month, Mulligan and Mumford were spotted together and looking very cozy.

In a story out of a fairytale, the old friends reunited.

I was very into the whole neo-folk thing coming out of England, and Laura Marling and Mumford were my indie-folk musician couple dream come true. How did this talented and hip and cute couple find each other so swiftly?

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