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“P72” is the earliest copy of the epistle of Jude and the two epistles of Peter.“P75,” which scholars date between AD 175 and 225, is the earliest known copy of the Gospel according to the Luke and one of the earliest of the Gospel according to John.As writer Tim Challies says in his blog post , “This little scrap of papyrus is our oldest historical link to the New Testament Scriptures.

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Let’s look at a handful of important early New Testament manuscripts that scholars have discovered so far.

Each serves to validate that our modern Bible is, indeed, a reliable representation of those early writings.

The Diatessaron, which means “Harmony of Four” was created by Tatian, a Christian writer in the second century.

It combines the four canonical Gospels into a single harmonious narrative.

“P66,” dating from AD 200 or earlier, contains most of John’s gospel.

This codex is just one century removed from the time of the autograph (original text).

If you missed our earlier blog post on materials used to write the Bible, we invite you to give it a read.

This portion of the Gospel of John is so old that it helps to confirm the traditional date of the composition of the Gospel to be about the end of the first century.

This papyrus fragment, also known as “P52,” is encased within a climate-controlled cabinet located inside the John Rylands Library of Manchester, England.

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