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If you have a long list of items, I recommend this OFFSET function method, -- it is easier to set up and maintain. NOTE: If you look in the Name Manager after creating these names, you will see that they all refer to the named Tables.

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In, sometimes we need to validate List Box and Drop Down List using Required field validator.

It is tricky and avoids the use of Java Script function to validate List Box and Drop Down List. For validating Drop Down List, make sure you have "--Select--" option value 0 other wise validation on it will not work.

On the Validation Sample sheet, drop down lists are created for the Region and Customer columns.

The data entry area is also a named Excel table, and it will expand automatically, with drop down lists appearing in the new rows.

NOTE: For Excel 2003 instructions (no named Excel Tables), click here.

This tutorial uses the OFFSET function, to extract related items from a sorted list.

In this article I try to explain how to validate Drop Down List and List Box using Required Field Validator.

I hope after reading this article you will be able to use this trick in your code.

The first step is to create the Region drop down list in column B.

In this drop down: Select a Region from the drop down list.

If no customer has been entered in column C, the full list of regions is shown.

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