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The tech will make conversations more satisfying to customers, but it’s just as important that marketers learn how to make those conversations sparkle with the brand personality the CMO has committed the company to.

This year, for example, Progressive could add Flo’s synthesized voice to a whole range of skills, apps, and bots, as a way to reinforce the brand’s personality.

Marketers should take 2017 as a two-for-one opportunity and choose to invest in building deeper relationships with their customers.

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As I say in the report: Consumers have options for getting what they want without interruptions.

Interruptions have worked for a while now and still do in the digital age.

Today my colleagues and I publish a bombshell of a report.

Titled, “The End of Advertising As We Know It,” the report at first glance fits nicely into the current backlash against major publishers and ad networks, including Google and Facebook.

A child’s social skills, emotional state, and sense of value affect his or her academic learning.

Yes, it is important for children to learn their letter sounds, count, and identify numbers.Google made .4 billion last year by interrupting search results; Facebook made .9 billion in ad revenue by interrupting social interactions.Once they can get what they want without leaving themselves open to interruptions — whether through voice interfaces or AI-driven background services — they will feel even more hostile to ad interruptions than they claim to today.But we can assure them of failure if they do not pay attention to the personality they are conveying through that technology.Which is a mistake since personality will be fundamental to building emotional relationships. And rather than ask the CFO to set aside new money, we recommend that marketers take billions of dollars (.9 billion to be precise, as we outline in the report) out of digital display advertising to make this investment.Those relationship technologies will include many of the things my smart colleagues are covering at Forrester like business intelligence (BI) solutions; cloud infrastructure to reduce cost and be more agile; marketing tech that offers a real-time, single view of the customer; customer experience processes; and specifically useful to the next wave of relationships, artificial intelligence that will drive a conversational relationship with your customer.

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