Buddypress dating plugin wordpress

Word Press serves as a platform for many different kinds of websites, including social networking sites.

A good number of these social networking websites rely on Buddy Press for building their community platform.

The Buddy Press-related settings in the plugin will be turned on automatically once the plugin is in active mode.

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When it comes to new members, group admins can select any one of the five options and apply it group-wide.

The daily mail will be a digest of all the emails from the group that the user is subscribed to.

The emails will go out each morning, along with a helpful summary for each topic.

The summary and the timing of the mail can be managed from the backend.

All these features make Buddy Press Group Email Subscription a convenient option to keep all group members up to speed with group activities.

More info / Download What good is a social network without a chat room?

Uploading to Buddy Press Groups is also possible if the Groups are enabled on your Buddy Press.

With the plugin active on your Word Press, it’s possible to attach all kinds of media to any activity on the site.

The plugin keeps all group members in the loop by sending out emails whenever any activity occurs within the group.

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