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Characterised by medieval fortresses, the infamous Carpathian Mountains of the Transylvanian region and ancient forests, Romania is a mysterious nation that few people have visited from the west.

Those that do tend to head straight to the capital, Bucharest and largely miss the rural charms of this picturesque sovereign state.

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There is no state religion but 81% of the country identify as Eastern Orthodox and many hold conservative views commensurate with the church.

This includes a strong belief that homosexuality is not normal as well as having a traditional view on marriage and sex.

Though Romania is westernised in many ways, there are many parts of the country (particularly in rural areas) which still characterised by typically ‘Eastern-European’ standards.

There are many scars left on the country from its political background including social views and health education.

We’ll even take a look at the LGBTQ laws and popular ways to find a hook up whilst in Romania.

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