Bruise age dating chart

Eventually the body reabsorbs the leaked blood gradually until the bruise goes away at some stage of bruising.Reabsorption involves the metabolism of the different components of the blood.

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The area around the bruise may also get tender and swollen.

Within one to two days from the time of injury or trauma, the bruise will then turn its color to dark blue or purple. It is attributed to low oxygen supply in the site of bruising as a result of swelling, which then causes the normally red hemoglobin to change its color accordingly.

Most bruises will have cleared completely in 2 weeks’ time but some may stay along for as long as 4 weeks during the stages of bruising.

Extent of the injury aside, some area of the body such as legs, thighs and arms also tend to stay bruised for longer than others.

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Like the officer who slipped in the shower and put his hand into a fan trying to regain balance.To understand the color changes associated with different stages of bruising (next section), it is first of all critical to understand how bruise form in the first place and what is involved in their gradual healing process.RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: Bruises form when a physical trauma or injury (that doesn’t involve a cut on the skin) causes damage to the small blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin causing them to leak blood into the surrounding soft tissues.The above sequence of color changes during the process of bruising may as well not occur in some cases due to some reasons such as formation of hematoma and, although rarely, presence of calcium deposits around the area of injury (heterotopic ossification) A hematoma occurs when the body decides to wall off the blood leaked beneath the surface of the skin rather than “fix it” so to speak as explained previously.Where a hematoma is involved the bruise gets progressively bigger and more painful.As the contents of the blood collected under the skin changes with the metabolism of different components, the color of the bruises change accordingly until the bruise finally disappears.

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