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He would be the first to tell you that there is no more or less to his reality right now than the sport of football and his family.And the people Brady matters to at all don’t really care about whom he votes for or the In anticipation of the day when he can’t play like he used to, Brady is laying the groundwork for a new chapter of his life rooted in helping the rest of the world “do what they love better and for longer.” He founded his company in 2013, naming it TB12, and after some early success with a training facility outside Boston and a best-selling book, he’s now developing it into a full-blown lifestyle and fitness brand.This summer he opened a flagship gym in Boston, with plans to expand to New York City and Los Angeles next year (and after that to Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, London, and Toronto).

Bonner and I put on receiver gloves and spread out ten yards downfield.

Bonner’s advice: “Just put your hands up and the ball will hit them.” Brady starts off throwing short bullets, and Bonner’s tip is dead-on: The balls slice through the hot air and slam into my hands. Brady is throwing down the sideline, launching six passes as far and as straight as possible.

He closes out the session zipping 30-yard passes to different corners of the end zone.

His arm is looser now, the balls flying out faster.

He’s bigger and taller than you might expect, with huge hands and thick limbs, and he radiates confidence with his icy blue hawkish eyes and disarming smile.

“We need Every summer for the past seven years, the quarterback of the New England Patriots has come to this remote island for a beach boot camp.

Make that a Post-workout, we go to the beachfront house where Brady is staying with Guerrero, Bonner, and his 9-year-old son Benjamin (Bündchen is in Costa Rica with their seven-year-old Vivian.

Brady also has a 12-year-old son, Jack, that he shares with his ex, actress Bridget Moynahan.) Brady can be extremely deliberate when he speaks, often pausing before answering questions because he knows better than most how words can take on whole new meanings in the context-free vortex that is social media.

His company’s stated goal is simple: “To redefine strength, health, and wellness for an entire generation.” That’s a big lift.

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