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Tells the history of how Stay-boy came into common use and how it changed society.

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Boy dating brothers widow

Persistence Pays Off (bg, 1st, exhib) A pre-teen boy seduces his elementary-school crush. ) A teenaged girl picks a pre-teen boy to be her summer boyfriend.

Teacher's Pet Boy (Mb, exhib, slow) A teacher has fun with a male student.

The Good Life (m f , M F , mf, bg) A woman tells the story of how she discovered sex and the life that she made with her friends. ) A teen-aged girl helps her pre-teen brother deal with his concerns about his small penis.

Little Sister (m g, 1st) A girl enjoys hanging out with her older brother and his friends—and vice versa.

Hotel (Mg, Mb, Mbg, bg, inc, cons, anal, oral, piv, 1st) An interactive (and, hopefully, erotic) story in which you spend the night in a hotel room with a young girl and boy.

(Requires javascript.) Mars Colony (bg, MF, Fb, Mb, first, inc, exhib, cuck, preg, sci-fi) Vignettes of sex among child colonists on Mars with allusions to the adults' activities.

Lost in Space Remake (fb, Mb, reluc, 1st, slow) A boy is chosen to play Will Robinson in a remake of Lost in Space, but it's not his acting ability that earns him the part.

Naked Brothers (bg , exhib, nosex) Women discuss their experiences with seeing their brothers naked when they were growing up.

Built-in Friend (bg, inc, 1st) A preteen girl discovers that having a twin brother is more fun than she had previously thought.

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