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Programming includes indie rock, classical, electronic music, blues, jazz, metal, talk, news, sports, political, along with a large variety of other shows.

In the past, WBOR has also published a music, arts, and literature magazine called the "WBOR Zine." Although WBOR can not air ads as it is a non-commercial educational license on a designated non-commercial frequency, public service announcements are read every hour.

On February 20, 1957, WBOR's first FM broadcast was heard across campus.

Prior to this, WBOA could only be heard in the freshmen dorms within a few hundred feet of the Moulton Union station.

In the late 1940s, Bowdoin began a program entitled “Bowdoin-on-the-air” (BOTA), where students would record radio broadcasts which would ultimately be rebroadcast on Portland station WGAN.

After years of BOTA popularity, the College invested in an AM transmitter and built a station on the second floor of the Moulton Union.

Radio has been a Bowdoin tradition dating back to the early 1940s when students and faculty sporadically hosted and recorded programs on campus, which were later broadcast through Portland's WCSH, Lewiston's WCOU, Augusta's WRDO, and Bangor's WLBZ.

These programs usually consisted of a combination of play readings, faculty interviews, and live vocal music, usually from the Bowdoin College Glee Club and the Meddiebempsters.

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