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They allow you to save bookmarks online and Tag/Categorize them with keywords to find easily in future references instead of saving them as bookmarks in the favorite’s list of your browser. Web 2.0 properties are still very important in the SEO game that we are playing.

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Bookmarking the web 2 0 dating websites

Instead of just reading content on the web they are invited to write as well.

The users are provided with lots of user interface, storage facilities and software via their browser.

This type of opportunity leads to serious debate and collaboration.

In incidence of trolling and spamming will increase drastically.

A Web 2.0 site allows its users to interact with other users or to change website content, in contrast to non-interactive websites where users are limited to the passive viewing of information that is provided to them.

Examples of Web 2.0 include web-based communities, hosted services, web applications, social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs, mashups, and folksonomies.

Web 2.0 illustrates World Wide Web sites and was coined by Darcy Di Nucci in the year 1999.

It permits the user to collaborate and interact with each other in social media.

The characteristics of Web 2.0 are user participation, metadata, scalability, rich user experience and dynamic content.

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