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D., a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. It's not about personal rejection—it's the business of making stuff work," says Coche.

Perform at the Beep If you get her voice mail, leave a message.

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What you are really doing is ensuring that the men notice you.

You do this by MOVING with your special female body language! Every man's DNA is programmed as an ancient hunter, and he is especially alert to movements of the prey -- and that is you! Men are much more visual than women and get a hormonal surge just by looking at a healthy woman -- either alive or in a photo.

He slips her through the back door, tipping heavies the whole way, chatting up other wiseguys, and finally ending up at a table in front of the stage. She also thinks you'd look hot in a leather jacket. If locking eyes with a stranger feels uncomfortable, focus on her mouth and she'll never know the difference, says Renee Piane, a motivational speaker and author of .

Liotta had something much more important than a roll of Franklins: He had confidence. Staring elsewhere makes you appear uninterested, inattentive, or insincere—especially during sweet talk.

Also, she'll respond best to realistic compliments.

"You're the physical embodiment of everything I look for in a woman" will immediately set off her bullsh--t alarm.

They discovered these two parts of the process: The first step is to make eye contact to show specific interest.

So your task is to catch his attention as he looks around the room and look directly into his eyes.

"Say who you are, where you met, and why you're calling," says Kent Sayre, author of . Instead, ask a question that presupposes her interest in you, like, 'How soon would you like to get together?

' That way it's not a matter of yes or no." Leave your number and ask her to call you back.

When your eyes meet, smile slightly and hold the connection a little longer than normally done.

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