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Gallery Widget – Display a photo gallery or slideshow in your blog’s sidebar.

Metaslider Widget – Display a slider in your blog’s sidebar.

Visitor tracking widgets display the visitors to a blog. Visitor tracking widgets are an important for making students aware that they are interacting as part of a global community.

This is incredibly motivating for students and provides built in opportunities for geography and maths lessons.

Class blogs often use this to display their class twitter account.

Tweets by @edublogs Wonderopolis – Adds a wonder of the day. Wolfram Alpha – Wolfram Alpha contains hundreds of customizable widgets from a wide range of subject areas, including unit converters, weather tools, graphing calculators, problem solvers, and much more.

Visual Editor Widget – Allows you to easily insert rich text, media files and shortcode into your sidebars.

You Tube – Grab the embed code from any You Tube video or playlist and add it to a text widget in your sidebar.Good Reads – A Good Reads book shelf widget is a good way to share your favorite books or provide recommended reading lists.Talking avatars fulfill a range of purposes including grammar and fluency reading practices, delivering content and engaging auditory learners.Instagram – Displays your latest instagrams on your blog.Flickr Badges – Add a link to your Flickr account Flickr – Display your latest Flickr photos on your blog.Clocks are great for displaying the time in your location which helps when you are trying to develop connections with classes in other countries.

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