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Jermaine Cole another a prolific multiplatinum artiste often considered as one of the greatest lyricists of his generation, drop a platinum album (The revenge of the dreamer2) which got tongues wagging all over the internet, earlier this year and you really don’t have to be a hard core rap fan to be aware of Jermaine’s prominence in the hip-hop community since his breakout debut in the early 2010s, his position in the game as a technical lyrist who is able to strike the balance between the ‘regular’ rapper content about society version of success as in over- commercialize vanity lifestyle lyrics and vividly artistic painting the picture of the modern black man as a whole in a deep yet blatantly truthful manner as in the hit record “Middle child” in which the catchy hook may mislead you to think ‘oh not another song about getting high again’ but further down you’ll be carried away by his charisma and poetic prowess as he summarizes his heartfelt experience as a young black man in the showbiz industry and how his friends and drugs and alcohol habits influence is creativity and personal in the process composing multiple classic records, after addressing the current politics hip hop scene, he schools young upcoming rappers , while at the same time paying homage to veterans who came before him, then on the last verse addressing the major issues regarding the reality that we can all relate to as black folks regarding how the long blood line of oppressive trauma stemming from slavery to present day mass incarceration and transpire to creation of an endless dysfunctional relationships among black families thus negatively affecting black marriages and eventually the black youth unconsciously adopt the same mentality which impairs the ability for their generation to escape the same ill-fate as their father figures.

Although some may argue that the context of the lyrics are predominantly relevant to the African American people, they are furthest from the truth, in real sense the issues regarding the cycle stemming from poverty to drug dealing, gang violence, police brutality is almost identical in every black neighbourhood in the world, no matter the zip code, whether in Chicago, London, Paris, Johannesburg or Lagos.

In my current diverse era of popular music, and the instant Internet gratification of viral fame it’s hard to miss the message being passed on by our young blood, while most of it may be true half of it is fabrication to satisfy the unfortunate self distorted image of how it feels to be black, because in reality not all black people pop opioid pills, or mix lean (codeine) in their soda for leisure, sell narcotics for a living or have a ton pile of assault rifles laying around their homes as constantly depicted by the so call mumble generation of rappers.

Quite the contrary a huge chunk of black people live free, healthy, prosper financially, and have fulfilling relationships with their loved ones, the other potion of black people who don’t have access to the positive side of life due to the environmental factors around them also urge the same aspiration as the rest of the human race, to drive my point home you have got to watch the documentary about Kendrick Lamar triumph a prolific come up in the city of Compton in Southcentral L.

If you would rather take things slowly, developing a friendship, and leaving things open to a plethora of possibilities, Date Black Singles can help you with that, too. You shouldn't have to adhere to the extremely strict guidelines of how a website thinks you should meet black singles in your area.

What you should be able to do instead is meet the kind of people you want to meet, at the rate and in the way that you want to meet them.

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Peace 'n' Love *black fist, heart* x Being a solid prolific and cultic follower/lover of the diverse African heritage music, arts, in the black community worldwide I am automatically predisposed to pay keen attention all type of music genre ranging from, afro-beats/fusion, Jamaican dancehall, UK grime rap, American hip hop and any subgenre in between both in the underground scene and the mainstream.

Online dating can be brilliant but browsing through Loads of profiles on a general dating site can become tedious after a while.

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