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Though individual herons seem unfazed by humans as they wade through the water, the birds are considered an at-risk species.

Knight’s research shows that if Vancouver wants to keep its herons, space will need to be intentionally made for them.

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If you’ve ever been to downtown Vancouver’s False Creek, you’ve likely seen them: tall gray-blue birds stalking in the shallows.

To see them in the air, they seem impossible, their long bodies and s-curved necks borne aloft on giant wings.

Because of this, Knight suggests the city take a landscape management approach to the issue, keeping key heron foraging space free from development.

That means making space for the herons in the landscape of the city, and making sure that space doesn’t get developed. Though the research shows that great blue herons can live alongside humans, federal ecosystem scientist Ross Vennesland, who worked on the study, says it doesn’t mean the birds wouldn’t thrive better without us. Vennesland is one of Canada’s foremost heron experts.

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If humans occupy the preferred territory of herons, and herons can cope with human presence, then it’s reasonable that the two species can coexist.

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