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In “Welcome to Earth,” there was noticeable chemistry between Maggie and Alex, so some have suspected that there will be a relationship between the two.The closest Alex has ever come to having a relationship on the show is her flirtations with Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli).“If people suspected chemistry, they’ve got good instincts,” Berlanti told Entertainment Weekly.I’ve wanted to talk to her for a while now and I finally got my chance in Vegas last week!

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Megan: You go into set thinking you can and you can. CJ: Lone Wolf wants to know if you prefer anal or vaginal? Megan: It’s not like you wake up saying, ‘I want to do porn!

CJ: You’re turning into an anal queen, how can you fit such a big cock in there? CJ: Pornfan34 wants to know what’s the most # of guys you have fucked at one time in your personal life? CJ: How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Initially, she was skeptical of Superman, but after he saved her, their relationship was smoothed out.

Later, she moved to Gotham City and became romantically involved with Batwoman.

But I just saw her two days ago and she’s as sexy as ever!

CJ: I heard your mom hooked up with an ex-boyfriend of yours! (laughs) They decide to talk over drinks and one drink led to too many….

Police detective Maggie Sawyer, a longtime member of the Superman character roster, made her Supergirl debut in the October 24 episode, “Welcome to Earth.” She is played by Floriana Lima, who joined the show as a regular cast member.

At the start of “Welcome to Earth,” she was a thorn in Alex Danvers‘ side during an investigation into an attack on the President’s life in National City.

However, they learned to work together to stop the assassin, who turned out to be Scorcher (Nadine Crocker).

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