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Some are just using the site to lure in unsuspecting men into scam relationships. You never know what you are going to get when contacting Ladyboys but it seems that many of the girl here are indeed looking for a serious relationship.

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the other reason is the owner (a German who loves Ladyboys) started the site while living in Thailand.

As always be careful when communicating with the Ladyboy here they might be serious or they may be not.

Often they are just looking meet guys for a free night out then charging them for sex later.

That being said I have met several good Ladyboys off of the site and there is Ladyboy gold to be found here.

The girls here tend to be of mixed quality and I have found many girls are not serious, just freelance escorts using the site to find customers.

Their profiles say they are looking for a relationship but often they are not.Personally found the most success in meeting them online.Often when you approach in public they are shy to be approached if they are not a sex worker. But if you are creative you can over come their shyness.You can find Ladyboys all over the place in the Thailand, the country is packed full of them, but most are sex workers.You can see them in the streets, working in shopping malls, pharmacies or other various places of business.There is a free sign up of course however, it’s not free to contact them but if you are serious to find a good Ladyboy partner this is the site to be on.

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