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Belfast has two universities, Queens University of Belfast, dating back to the mid 1800s, and Ulster University a modern university formed in the late 1960s.

Both have advanced courses in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Finance.

In quantum physics, Bells-theorem is named after John Bell in recognition of his contribution to the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox, Bell was born and educated in Belfast.

In our own field of finance, Phelim Boyle, best known for introducing Monte-Carlo methods in finance in his 1977 paper “Options: A monte-carlo approach”, was born and educated in Ireland.

They have provided our payroll system from the start, an excellent service that integrates well with our accounting system, Kashflow. ) are the quiet leafy suburbs of Malone, Stranmillis and Annadale where house prices are in the region of £170-210/sqft. The education system retains much of the old grammar school system, outside Belfast it is uncommon to consider sending children to fee paying schools, at both primary and secondary levels.

(Ballymoney is arguably more famous for being the hometown of the legendary road-racer Joey Dunlop, than for its burgeoning fintech sector). Within Belfast there are a few fee-paying grammar schools, but even those fees are substantially lower than one finds in London.

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My friends tell me I'm easygoing with a great sense of humor.

It doesn't matter where I go (pubs, clubs, football games or a movie will do me fine) - as long as who I'm with is able to sit back and have a good time. going to the gym and some karate after work, I work at a computer all day and so academic things aren't really my interest outside work.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Queens, and postgraduate studies at Trinity in Dublin.

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