Yahoo chat rooms gone sex chat alternative - Beijing dating scene

People will just assume that since you're a foreigner you simply don't realize that you're being offensive.

For The Desperate (mei banfa) Or The Hopeless (mei xiwang) Try going on TV and actinglike an idiot or singing Chinese songs. Or you could enter the national "Foreigners Use Chopsticks" competition, and compete for the coveted title of "Kuaizi King." Then who could possibly resist you?

" -- (Miss, is it your legs that are so long or your skirt that is so short?

) Rumor has it that this is the line Chiang Kai-shek used to pick up Song Meiling.

Men should wear their suit with the brand name label displayed conspicuously on the sleeve.

Keep your jacket and tie on, even in 40 degree weather.

(Remember that all monetary amounts should be quoted in US dollars with no modifier.

For example, "This watch cost me two hundred.") At the end of your date, if it has gone really well, expect your date to say "I love you." But don't expect so much as a kiss goodnight. Note that the proper time to eat dinner is at p.m.Make sure to get lots and lots of those little ketchup packets with your meal.Now here's some pillow talk and come-ons that have served me well over the years: For The Romantic (langman) "Haikushilan cixinbuyi - (Should the seas run dry and rocks turn to mush, I shall always remain faithful).Make sure you have a China Air sickbag handy if you use this line.I am currently in the US but recently received a job offer to work in Beijing.

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