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Up to that time, the store’s phone greeting was “Bernardo’s Guitar Shop.” One day, Mal Stich, vice president of B. Rich at the time of its ascent, answered the phone with, “B. Rich,” and some think that’s the moment the company name changed and it became a full-fledged guitar manufacturer with a mission. “In 1977, they were 9 retail—and you were paying more than retail if you could actually find one.” Although, B. Rich was often referred to as a custom shop at the time, it wasn’t custom in the conventional sense of the word. After leaving Valley Arts to work in the Ibanez Custom Shop in North Hollywood, I decided to get involved with other aspects of guitar fabrication and went to work for Trevor Wilkenson at Wilkenson Bridges in Fullerton, CA.

“The guitars were handcrafted, but they were still production guitars. Furthering my working education I went to work for AGI in Huntington Beach, CA makers of the Lace Sensor Pickups.

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Rich has crafted an identity as a metal guitar company, it actually started as one of the first boutique electric-guitar makers—it was among the first to introduce neck-through-body 24-fret guitars and heelless neck joints. He didn’t work on the guitars himself—he chose to focus on day-to-day operations—but instead hired luthiers from Paracho, Mexico, which is widely regarded as the guitar capital of that country.

In the mid ’50s, Bernado Mason Rico purchased the store from the Candelas guitar shop and opened his namesake store.

Rich’s origin can be traced to Bernardo’s Guitar Shop at 2716 Brooklyn Avenue, in Los Angeles.

These issues were quickly addressed without question, and problem instruments were repaired or replaced even many years past the one-year warranty.

These have become highly prized by BC Rich collectors due to the limited production number. After all, the Ricos were part to end the knock-offs by Aria, Ibanez, and the other unimaginative guitar companies in Japan and to offer a Rich guitar for less money. I don't know anything about SN and I don't remember the dates.

These limited edition models are considered to represent the last of the true BC Rich guitars. But, I do remember that it was when I was in Japan and saw that there were 3 companies in the Nagoya area making Rico guitars.

Because they didn’t have an adjustable truss rod, the guitars were often brought in later to have the fretboard removed and a truss rod installed.

Although these early guitars were reportedly rated higher than new Martins at the time, they had some minor issues.

The guitar was reportedly pawned, without Mustaine's knowledge, by Megadeth lead guitarist, Chris Poland. The original model had a pointed reverse headstock, whereas the 21st Century version has a regular pointed headstock. Then, there was the 20' container of Ricos that was not full.

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