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Founded in 1549, Salvador was the capital in the heyday of the slave trade.The legacy remains today in its large Afro-Brazilian population, and the resulting culture in many ways outshines the rest of Brazil; in music, many of the greatest names from the mid-20th century to the present hail from Salvador, such as Dorival Caymmi, Gilberto Gil, and Caetano Veloso.The interior of Salvador is where the "new city" has developed, full of residential neighborhoods, shopping megaplexes, and knotted highways, all of which can be quite alienating without actually having a friend to show you around.

Residents are also considered some of the friendliest people on the planet.

Tourist are welcomed with open and friendly arms by the majority of local residents.

Also, most people in Brazil agree that soteropolitanos are generally friendly and warm people.

The Salvador's Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhães International Airport (IATA: SSA, ICAO: SBSV) is one of Brazil's main airports.

Scheduled Airlines: The airport is 28km from the city center (via the Paralela expressway) or 32km (via the seaside).

Two kinds of taxis are available in the airport, the executive taxis (Coometas and Comtas), and the normal taxis (careful, they have bad reputation, taking travelers around and around to keep the meter running and most of them only speak Portuguese).

People of Salvador, as other people from the state of Bahia, have a reputation of being relaxed, easygoing, and fun-loving, even by Brazillian standards.

On the bad side, this is also interpreted as lazyness and disgust of working; in a way, people of Salvador have reputation opposite to people from São Paulo.

In literature, the late Jorge Amado was also from the region.

It's a vibrant, exciting city, and its people are quite friendly.

The third option definitly is UBER, drivers have good reputation and are willing to do the best to please you at very reasonable prices.

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