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All My Faves is designed in a visual way, using the sites’ logos instead of text so you can spot your desired destination with ease. AARP is by far the most popular online destination for baby boomers.

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The most common kinds of domestic trips expected are summer vacations, weekend getaways, and multi-generational trips.

The most population destinations for Americans are unchanged from last year, with the top-mentioned locations once again being Florida (17%), California (11%), New York (5%), Texas (5%), and Las Vegas (5%).

On a related topic, technology keeps many vacationers tethered to their jobs.

Boomers are more likely to unplug, with 57% saying they do not think it is important to stay connected to work while away, according to AARP.

Keeping plugged in The survey finds more Millennials than Boomers will use all or most of their vacation time (77% versus 62%).

But once out of town, the younger generation is more likely to bring work with them (78% versus 59%).

For those going abroad, 31% have booked their 2019 trips by September 2018, up from 23% by September of the previous year in 2018 and 17% in 2017, according to the online survey.

Top international destinations include Europe (41%), the Caribbean (20%), and Asia and the Middle East (11%).

While Millennials don’t expect to travel as much next year—4.9 trips compared to 2018’s 5.8, with most of the decline coming in domestic travel—Boomers and Gen Xers appear ready to hit the road. “Skip generation” trips, in which grandparents travel with grandkids and leave the middle generation at home, are already being planned by about 15% of Boomers in 2019. For Boomers, 32% say health issues and concerns limit them, while 28% of Millennials and 26% of Gen Xers cite work responsibilities as factors getting in the way of their travels.

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