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Select a cell with the bank icon, and a new Insert Data icon will appear to the right of the cell.

Click the Insert Data icon for a list of available fields. A new column will appear in your table showing the exchange for each stock.

Select those cells and set their data type to Stocks from the Data Types gallery in the Data tab of the Excel ribbon.

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Office 365 subscribers will notice a new Stocks data type appearing on the Excel data tab.

With it, you can get current data from the internet related to companies from 60 different stock exchanges around the world.

When you first use the Stocks data type feature in a workbook, a message appears in the information bar to warn that the financial market information is provided “as-is” and isn’t meant to be advice for trading purposes.

Click the message to open the Help panel and learn about the current sources for the data.

Most people use Microsoft Excel for calculation and data storage.

There are other functions in Excel that are very useful but not well known.

Finally, choose the data source labeled "Investor Stock Quotes." Select the cell in the spreadsheet for the stock quote information input or choose the "Create New Worksheet" option to place the stock quote in a new worksheet.

After selecting either option, select "OK" from the dialog box.

Using formulas, you can keep track of their latest stock price, trading volume, and other information.

As with the new Geography data type (see the December 2018 column, M), the Stocks data type isn’t supported for customers who purchased Excel 2019 or Excel 2016.

Since the data comes from the internet, you must be an Office 365 subscriber in order to have access to these features.

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