From Bane in The Dark Knight Rises to Max in Mad Max: Fury Road to Leonardo Di Caprio's mortal enemy in The Revenant, Tom Hardy has played some prominent roles in recent years.

Acting, however, isn't the only thing he's good at.


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With the first season wrapped up and a second season in the works, it's a good time to get into Hardy's gritty British mini-series.

Check out the table above for how to watch Following the exploits of James Delaney, a former corporal returning home to London to attend his father's funeral, Taboo's eight-part first season takes place as the War of 1812 draws to a close.

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If Australian Story or You Can’t Ask That were a stand-up comedy show, they would be something like Taboo, the latest new offering in TEN’s Pilot Week experiment.

But while Delaney sees the land as his rightful inheritance, the renowned East India Trading Company believes otherwise and is not above a little assassination to get what it wants.

Waging his own war against the Company, Delaney enlists the aid of those still loyal to his late father, finding in them a new perspective on the man he believed abandoned him.

The conflict between England and the United States has taken a steep toll on both countries, but where man sees only pain and suffering, Delaney sees opportunity.

His late father's only legacy, a small plot of land on the west coast of North America, stands to increase in value dramatically once the war ends and the associated trade bans are lifted.

The Company doesn't take kindly to Delaney's meddling, destroying his ship and framing him for a murder he didn't commit.

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