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Software will go suck in the data from Stripe, suck in the revenue data from Pay Pal, get bank account information from Citibank or Chase or whoever you happen to be with, put it all together with your credit card information, your other expenses, the software sucks the data in, starts to sort it out, but human beings will actually go in and make sure it’s all correct. So, when people vote, it creates a lot of interaction on the website. The other thing that he said was investors are not the right demographic.

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I’m going to go with it.” What attracted you to the idea of a dating site? Now, we as entrepreneurs always need to keep an eye on our points.

So people have different lifestyles, different education, different expectations.

I’m the founder of Mixergy, where I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs about how they’ve built their businesses. Demographics mismatch with investors–there are so many reasons why dating sites are tough to build and to grow and to make successful. But you can see I have to wait 13 more hours before I get to go back into it. : As a kid, this is how geeky I was–as a kid, I wanted to do leveraged buyouts. I was on the board of a company with 100 employees. I had a new idea and I was making my business plan. I didn’t think about it as an internet company, but more like you know Century 21? : Because I didn’t know anybody in the tech industry, anybody. I’ll use it on my site and hire designers to make it look nice.” But you didn’t even know to do that? : So two out of three people were bumped, which actually caused you issues with your marketing because you were spending a lot of money to acquire all three people when two of them were being rejected and only one was accepted. Now, you download an app and if you don’t like it, you delete it and it’s over. So I show him how to do it and I hit the button and I shoot one of these aliens and I get ten points.

And one of the fascinating things to me about his company is that it was a dating company. The first will help you organize your books properly–not help you, they’ll do it for you. The second one will actually get you the best developer or designer you’ve ever had. You end up with this big windfall and you get to go do it again and again and again. You really need to know a lot of the [inaudible ] the sport players if you want to succeed. In France, LBO [inaudible ], people didn’t know that in 2004, 2003. I saw that it could be the same, but only for short-time rents. You were like 22 years old when you were working for the LBO firm. So, because the service was free at this time, they keep getting back to the website, even if it was not perfect. Let me continue because you did overcome some of the challenges we’re talking about here and others and some of the challenges Andrew Chen brought up in his blog post. I said, “Let’s just go see this and introduce it to my kid.” So I go in and I look at it. So I get the joystick back from him and I shoot another alien and I get ten points, then ten points.

How are we scoring this week, this month, this year compared to last week, last month, last year?

Getting that kind of data takes forever in entrepreneurial online world because there are so many different revenue sources, so many different expenses and we have to either do them ourselves, which a lot of entrepreneurs do or many people will then go hire a virtual assistant and say, “Enter this into my accounting software,” which then means that, “I’m not equipped for it.” So they make mistakes.

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And a few weeks ago, today’s guest sold his company. It basically uses all the mechanics of dating, the stuff you might expect from an app like Tinder, to match you up with people that you might want to network with and meet for coffee and do work with. I get to do all this because of two great sponsors. The idea behind a leveraged buyout is you have a little bit of money. And then you go and you buy a company, you turn it around and then you sell it and boom, right? At the very beginning, I wanted to work in the sport industry, but I understood that it’s a very tricky business. So my mother was very proud of me, and I was getting money. But afterwards I didn’t have the courage to make the leap and quit my job, you know? : It was a mix between Airbnb and Century 21, because when I was younger, I loved to travel around Europe. : It’s an agency, like a broker–yes, exactly, with apartments. Nine years ago in France, people were more patient about new services. Then I give it to him but he doesn’t shoot anything.

Or people will then go and hire an individual bookkeeper and say, “I want you to do my books the way you do other people’s books,” which is a problem because you’re trusting one person who may be sick one week or who may take their eye off the ball or make a mistake, etc. We had 35% of people who would get accepted by the community who paid.

So the answer to not have those mistakes and not have those headaches but still get the points that drive us as entrepreneurs is to use Bench. How do you know that the matches are working out the way you imagined? The concept of Attractive World is that you need to get accepted by the community to use the website. There were a lot of events organized by the community. So the conversion rate was very high and the lifetime value was very high as well. After we make people pay, we make people pay and we saw that the conversion rate was very good.

When you have an outside company do it, they don’t overlook those because they’re not as invested. To invest in TV was the best decision we ever made with Attractive World. So you were teaching him about startups and investing in them and he was then introducing you to television advertising, which then shaped everything.

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