No registring sex chatrooms - Asp net objectdatasource updating

Howdy All I've run into a problem with the Object Data Source.

Normally when using an Object Data Source to update a BO Object via a BLL i would specify the Data Object Type Name. The current project I'm working on requires tracking of changes made to data (new, edited or deleted).

I have a gridview with the Object Data Source and the Update does not work. I redid my aspx page with Gridview and Data Source and modeled it after your example.

No dramas I think, just add a string field to the BLL methods that accepts a string as well as the BO (public int Save(Publication Core publication Core, string user Name)). Object Data Source will use either Data Object Type Name OR ), not both...

I thought there must be a way around this so I tried to add a parameter in the On Updating event of the Object Data Source... The Object Data Source has already thrown an error by now because it has already searched for a method with only the BO. This doesn't work because the Object Data Source must call a clear on the parameters list before adding the object specified by the Data Object Type Name.

Update, false)] public bool Update Book(int Book ID, string ISBN, string Title, string Author, string Status, string Loaned, string Series, string Description) you haven't shown us the ODS markup but you'd set the Update Method there are a few examples using strongly-typed dataset here: another: you mean to implement Optimistic Concurrency?

How do you guys update let's say for example a Form View with an Object Data Source source.

I didn't bother putting any of the code behind in because it doesn't having anything more to add (mostly discussed above).

I ran exactly to same problem with my project and solved kind of same way as you suggest. - Use either a Business Logic Layer or connect directly to a Table Adapter Update method or write your own SQL statements for the Update. Wire the ODS to the Grid View and enable editing (this gives you the Edit link) 4. Please build a function to make sure that only valid columns are specified in the sort expression to avoid a SQL Injection attack.I think I am going to have to bring it in on the object update method from Http Context. Get Awards By Contest Id Cic User Name(contest Id, ba.Cic User Id); But I feel like its cheating to use the context in bll. Just one a glitch when it comes to fetching grid with sorted columns.

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