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Codecademy is indisputably the most famous website to teach you to code interactively, thanks to its helpful interface and well-structured courses.

Upon visiting the main page, you can already start tasting the programming, with its motivating on-screen console.

After you’ve finished courses in Codecademy or Code Avengers, and you are ready to further expand your capabilities, Plural Sight is the next quality website you should land on.

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NET and Windows Forms, covering every major feature in Chart Controls for . See every major feature in action and learn at the same time. NET 4.5 Web Forms and Visual Studio 2013 (Wingtip Toys) tutorial series.

This series of tutorials guides you through the steps required to create an ASP.

That’s right, forget about complicated setups and black, cold command prompts that make you want to quit before you start, and say hi to 10 educational websites with instant and interactive lessons that teach you programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby and even i OS.

Pick up tips, screencasts and even best practices from industry professionals.

Download code samples and applications for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure, Office, Share Point, Silverlight and other products.

You can also explore the Official Visual Studio C#, VB. Each sample is licensed to you by the party distributing it. NET 4.5 Web Forms and Visual Studio 2013 (Wingtip Toys) tutorial series.Yes, i am working in Windows 8.1 today and on graph, but using grid has weekend my eye sight. I have created lot of designs in past few years, now the idea to sell th In this article we will see how to use ASP.NET Identity in MVC Application for creating user roles and displaying the menu depending on user roles.Here we will see how to: Create default admin role and other roles. Add Username for new User Registrat In this chapter we want to write Scientific Calculator application .The following steps show how to write a advanced Calculator:1.It is as if there’s a kind teacher right beside you.

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