Artsy online dating

Here’s a quick tip to all you guys who online date.

When you scroll through a woman’s profile pictures, check to see if she’s got a few of those “artsy” ones.

Unfortunately, if you are a woman and you join any dating website, then expect to be contacted by men who act like perverts.

This is pretty much the case with any dating site, regardless of what kind of reputation the site has.

Such niche dating sites accord you a platform to meet potential dates with similar likes and tastes.

Take- for instance- the case of online dating sites for creatives/artists: they have lately become the go-to places for poets, painters, sculptors, musicians and the like; to make platonic networks and even find life-long partners.

If you do enter one, make sure it is a reputable site.

In an age where consumers are drifting towards products that put focus on their specific needs as customers- rather than only catering to their overall needs- it is no surprise that niche dating sites are quickly gaining ground on generalized dating sites and apps.

A recent study has proven that theory—specifically, that dating someone from another country can make you more creative.

Social psychologist and Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky has been studying the link between creativity and experiencing foreign cultures for around a decade, he explained.

picture of her face and then seven photos of her on a hill somewhere 30 yards in the background.

Those long-distance photos…she’s basically saying, “Hey, I’m fat, so let me try tricking you into sending me a message.” I mean, go for it if you like chubby women with low self-esteem. A woman will totally tell you who she is by the kinds of photos she puts up.

With that said, here are the pros and cons of dating sites.

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