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Having been a relatively unknown stand-up comic going from club to club across the UK, he was now rubbing shoulders with a new set of London socialites. There’s a chemistry between us and we liked each other but she’s so much younger.

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It was during a Mighty Boosh live tour in 2006 that he was forced to accept his drug problem.

He admitted: “I thought, ‘This is too much for my head, I won’t come back from this. The times I’ve really lost it have been after I’ve been on tour.

Howard Marks – he’s had such an interesting life and was very funny. Paloma Faith was a surprise, she was hilarious, a bit like a female me – in a stupid outfit, saying ridiculous things. It was a friend’s but she decided she didn’t like it, so I had it. It’s quite show-offy but not too show-offy, so it suits all occasions. I got a Karl Lagerfeld jacket but gave it to my dad because it was too big. I’m a Robin Hood but don’t give to the poor, I give to my mates. I did a joke once about my mum and dad having crazy parties in the 1970s with drinks and drugs but it was just a joke about cats taking acid. I love doing the telly stuff and I’m doing my own show, I’ve got my book out too, so I can’t moan.

One of the tabloids wrote about it as if it was true, with a picture of my parents.

His TV experience also includes a long spell as team captain on panel show Never Mind the Buzzcocks. “When I took ketamine everything turned into two dimensions. They didn’t mind — they let me stay up.” So heavy was his drinking and drug use that he and his tour crew moved far beyond simple beer, wine and spirits.

But in the mid 2000s as his star rose in late night television, he became a fixture in the dark showbiz underworld that went on to claim victims such as Amy Winehouse and Peaches Geldof. I felt like I was in a weird puppet show.” Fielding, 43, has blamed his ways on his parents Dianne and Ray, explaining: “My parents had lots of parties. He added: “We made voroccas on tour — our name for various vodka & Berocca concoctions.

WHEN The Great British Bake Off switched to Channel 4, there were concerns it would move downmarket.

Fans in love with the knowing wit of Mel and Sue braced themselves for something colder and harder.

It caused a lot of problems because her dad wanted to kill me obviously.

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