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She finally approached him, after which they started playing around with some music ideas.

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After touring in support of the album, the band played their last show in Gainesville in August, 2000.

Before the two even met, Mosshart, while on tour with Discount, overheard Hince playing music in a squat above where she and the band were staying.

Often they're the most desirable figures, the centre of attention both on and off stage and the member of the band with the pressure of connecting with a crowd, no matter the circumstance.

You seem to me like a person who would get off on lonely moments on the road. Front people are the ultimate torchbearers of rock'n'roll fantasy.

Alison Nicole Mosshart (born November 23, 1978) is an American singer, songwriter, artist, and the lead vocalist for the rock band The Kills and blues rock band The Dead Weather.

She started her musical career in 1995 with the Florida punk rock band Discount which disbanded in 2000.

Announcement of their third album, Dodge & Burn, came in July 2015 for a release in September by Third Man Records.

Along with four previously released tracks, remixed and remastered, the album features eight new songs.

For a rocker in London to discover her song is the anthem of an American teen drama? No matter how they feel, where they are or who's in front of them, they will stand and deliver.

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