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'" The company produced projects in film, television, new media, and published two graphic novels in a deal with comic book publisher Archaia Entertainment: they published a graphic novel called Mr.

Murder is Dead, created by writer Victor Quinaz, closely followed by LUCID: A Matthew Dee Adventure written by writer/actor Michael Mc Millian. He played a strangely lovable kidnapper in "Hostage: A Love Story", written by the comedy duo Holtand Steele, for Before the Door Pictures and He also played a prospective dog adopter (based on Quinto's own experience) in "Dog Eat Dog", written and directed by Sian Heder, and premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2012.

His other film roles include Margin Call, What's Your Number? He also appeared in smaller roles on television series such as So No TORIous, The Slap, and 24, and on stage in Angels in America.

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YUM, Those gray hairs sprinkled in his beard ramp up his sex appeal imo. Also I tried to post this earlier and was going to type in the link manually, but I was blocked from posting due to high traffic on the website at that time.

And for another example of Chris's talent, watch clips of him as Darwin Tremor ( Smokin' Aces) on youtube. There is a fan page If you scroll down the front page and go to a post dated 8/13, called "Chris Pine attends Into Darkness Press Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

He is unrecognizable and really plays the part terrifically. Apparently he is dating another Victoria's Secret type swimsuit/lingerie model. There are several pics there where you can see the pants are straining from the bulge.

There are other pics of him wearing a light brown suit, but those aren't as good. Chris Pine is so pretty and hot, and seems very sensitive which is a quality I admire in a sane person. I enjoy his interviews as well, not the ones on TV, but the others that you can find on youtube. He also seems to have a good sense of humor, which is a turn on.

It "..a movie written and directed by my former landlady and friend, [actress Coley Sohn].

She called up and said, 'Would you do me a favor and be in my short film?

"I knew that he had approval over the actor that would play young Spock, so when I got the role I knew from the beginning it was with his blessing." In a September 2008 interview, Abrams said of Quinto's performance as Spock: "Zachary brought a gravity and an incredible sense of humor, which is a wonderful combination because Spock's character is deceivingly complicated.

The revelation for me watching the movie, when I finally got to watch the whole thing after working on sequences, was that he is extraordinary.

He was doing things I didn't even realize while we were shooting – these amazing things to track his story." Quinto also made references to Star Trek's historical record for diversity and inclusiveness in its casting and storylines, and said that he hoped the looming election of Barack Obama would build that dynamic towards the film's May 2009 release date.

After Star Trek, he appeared in the comedy short Boutonniere (2009).

Quinto returned for the second season in one of the lead roles, as Dr. In 2014, Zachary and his Before the Door partners produced a Chris Moore project, The Chair, a documentary series on Starz that shows the process of two directors bringing their first feature to the screen.

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