Are austin and ally dating in real life

Then, there are people who are passionate about making love but haven't tied the knot yet.

Laura Marano and Ross Flynch just got out of that category after dating for a long time. If you have watched Disney Show "Austin & Ally", you should recognize her as Ally Dawson.

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DISNEY'S FRIENDS FOR CHANGE - Disney Friends for Change Ambassadors Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, source: image-production While saying the proverb above, I meant not betraying trust as friends.

Yes, folks, they aren't really a couple but they are something else on the set.

Many sources claim that the alleged couple is just good friends.

The couple became an overnight sensation after their performance in the Disney series, Austin & Ally.

While it would have been very pleasant and exciting moment for fans, neither of them have tried to take it further than good friends.

Although, in one of the interview Ross admits if an opportunity comes by, he would date his virtual girlfriend.It could also be Partners & Parachutes because that's when they start dating.[1] The Auslly color might be red because in the theme song intro Austin and Ally are both wearing red.She reported that professionally it might hamper the show production if they happen to break up.Swett Ally & Austin, source: M-mag While talking about their romance, they have grown super close to each other. They start dating in the episode Partners & Parachutes.

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