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Since 2017, he has been dating actress Peyton Roi List. Besides that, I do martial arts: extreme martial arts. And I'm taking some college classes, hoping to major in English and creative writing.

I grew up watching movies and television, and one day when I was really young I told my mom I wanted to become an actor, and she was really supportive and got me involved in local theater and commercials.

17: How is Prom different from other high school movies?

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Well, it's really important to be honest with the person that you're seeing.

Another thing I believe is that if you're going to be involved with someone, you'd better really do that and not be 'in-between.' Because what are you doing if you're just halfway there, in a relationship?

The relatively unknown actor managed to score a major lead role in Disney's new movie, Prom (it hits theaters this Friday, April 29! And with his brooding good looks, he will definitely be on every girl's hot-guy radar in no time.

Read on to see what Thomas had to say about his new movie, falling in love, and meeting fans for the first time.

To conclude, all these roles have added sums to the outright size of Cameron Monaghan’s net worth.

Finally, in the personal life of the actor, he dated the model Sadie Newman in 2015, then was in a relationship with the actress Ruby Modine in 2016.

To begin with, the boy was raised by his single mother, Diane, in Boca Raton, Florida, to where they moved soon after his birth.

He began his career as a child model at the age of three, then was educated at Addison Mizner Elementary School, where he began developing his acting skills by appearing in several children’s plays.

It's the stories in those classic teen films that are relatable, so you can still watch and enjoy them today.

Prom is definitely relevant to today's teens, since there's a Facebook scene and there are cell phones and things like that, but it also feels timeless. 17: A big part of this movie is finding that perfect prom date. TM: The truth is, I don't really have a type of girl.

From there I moved up to auditioning for movies and television.'Prom' is a movie that follows a bunch of high-schoolers' lives leading up to the prom, the climax of the movie.

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