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Check out Hi, I am working on a model where I have a front page and attached sheets.

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Sort of like the export worksheets as separate files function. " This is not a tool that already exists in ASAP Utilities. After you have run this macro you can use ASAP Utilities to export each worksheet as a new file.

rng Selection = Selection l Row First = rng Selection.

Delete '---- Hello Audrey, As you didn't supply your sample work book in your first post, a couple of things have come to light:- - The ranges between the code supplied to you and your data set don't match.

Value = "Closed" Then Range(Cells(i, 1), Cells(i, 11)).

Your macro can access any cells in the workbook, unless the worksheet containing the cell is hidden.

When you hide a worksheet, it is even hidden from normal macro operations.

As I don't know how large your data set is, I've just assumed that it stretches from Column A to Column N.

Delete '---- As you can see, I've added some notes beside each line of code so that you can understand what the code is doing. Click on the Transfer Data button to see the code work.

End(xl Up)(2) ' Copies row data from Columns A - N & transfers it _ to sheet2 into the next available row. Screen Updating = False Dim i As Integer Dim lr As Long lr = Range("A" & Rows.

Your data starts in A5 and stretches out to Column K. - Your data set is in table format which normal code won't adapt to. Following is a revised code to cover the above:- Sub Transfer Data() Application.

"I have a spreadsheet with 75 columns each containing between 48 to 50 rows.

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