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However, her wish was not granted, and now, her family is still, in Anne's words, a work in progress, while talking about religious beliefs.

Caption: Anne Hathaway during childhood Source: Pinterest As a kid, Anne Hathaway attended Brooklyn Height Montessori School.

After two years Jessica filed for a divorce from her husband.

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She is the recipient of the BAFTA Award and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, the Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Award.

In 2013, she was placed no.5 on Empire's The 100 Sexiest Movie Stars list.

He also stated that he took his soon-to-be-ex wife on a date and dinner to the dog park where they met for the first time, on Mother’s day.

Soon after they started dating, Jessica told Josh that she had cervical cancer.

There are no evidences to prove that the infidelity was the reason for the separation of Lucas and Jessica.

Jessica was not seen with any boyfriend during and after the separation.

Her demands on the separation were quite exorbitant.

She wanted spousal support, child support, metal coverage, dental coverage, life insurance and lawyer’s fees.

This changed nothing in his intention of getting married to her.

She announced her diagnosis and the treatment to the public, a few months after her son was born.

The insurance and the coverage were not for the kid, it was for her. John never commented on the financial part of the separation.

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