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The officer asked why, and she told him that she had no pants on.He shined his flashlight in to see and responded, "Oh! Her pants and blouse were in the trunk along with her driver's license, which the officer initially wanted to see.Harmon accepted, and her father then came out as well to give his blessing.

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She also starred as Detective Jane Rizzoli on the TNT series Rizzoli & Isles.

Her father has German and Irish ancestry, while her mother is of Greek descent.

Characters Name Left/Actor Name Right Wyatt Black/Gaelan Connell- 23 Lyle Huggingson/Jessie T.

Usher- 20 Dante Ontero/Conner Del Rio- 22 Anige Preitto/Amiee Carreto- 24 Max Ross/Lonny Ross- Unidentified Araniko, also known as Aniko or Anige, was an enormously influential figure on China's art during the Yuan Dynasty under Kublai Khan.

As Jane Rizzoli (Rizzoli & Isles (2010)), Angie Harmon reveals she is left-handed.

For example, she carries her handgun on her left side, she shoots left-handed, and she wears her wristwatch on her right wrist.It turned out that before she got in the car, she had accidentally sat on some fire ants and had to strip to her bra and panties to get them off her.She told this while on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) in May 1999.Joined the show until its end in 1997, she gained fair attention which led her to land other in the same year, such as those in John Duigan’s drama effort, “ Lawn Dogs”, and a short-lived TV series of “C-16: FBI” before joining the cast of “Law & Order”(1990)by 1998. Angie is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.Portraying an ambitious, headstrong assistant district attorney named Abbie Carmicheal in this award-winning series of NBC, she was finally able to embrace the taste of fame as her enactment was hugely praised by both critics and audience. Angie has not been in such rumors and controversy to date. She has more than 418k followers on Facebook, 213k followers on Instagram and 326k followers on Twitter.Has three daughters with her ex-husband Jason Sehorn: Finley Faith Sehorn (born October 14, 2003 in Dallas, Texas), Avery Grace Sehorn (born June 21, 2005 in Dallas, Texas) and Emery Hope Sehorn (born December 18, 2008).

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