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Vinny then goes to the top buckle and connects with the Red Rum himself. Shane Taylor () Chase Owens of the Bullet Club makes his way out. Shane easily manhandles Chase and tosses him across the ring. Chase attempts to attack but Shane just knocks him back down. Shane attempts to drop on top of Chase but he rolls out of the way. Chase is running off the ropes and tries to take Shane down but he’s not budging. Owens targets the knees and is finally able to clothesline Shane down. Chase hits a superkick and goes to the turnbuckle, but Shane hits the ropes and racks Chase on the ropes. Rush threatens to do his missile dropkick finisher, but stops right before. Rush climbs back up anyway and gets Vinny with a big Superplex. Rush goes off the top turnbuckle for the “Red Rum” but Vinny rolls out of the way. Rush goes for the Bull’s Horn and nails it this time. Winner: Rush Television Championship Match Chase Owens vs. They go to lock up but Chase leans out of the ropes to back Shane up. Shane drapes Chase over the ropes and hits a stunner. -Chase reverses some moves into a sunset flip but he can’t hit it. Chase goes for his own finisher but he’s not able to lift him. Chase goes for a second piledriver and once again can’t lift Shane. PCO places a member of security onto the table and climbs up to the turnbuckle.

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Owens nails Shane with a chop to the corner and tells him once again to suck it. Chase goes for the offensive but Shane just pushes him across the ring to the corner.

Rush follows him and begins beating Vinny down outside the ring. Chase attempts to throw Shane around but he doesn’t budge. Fans chant “one more time.” Shane tells the audience to be quiet and prepares for a slap, but instead pokes Chase in the eyes. Owens hits a flatliner and goes for the pin, but its a two count.

-Okumura tries to chop Bruiser but it has no effect. -The Bouncers try to double team but Felino sends them over the ropes together.

Felino with a sunset flip but Bruiser breaks up the pin.

Eli taunts Castle but Castle puts him in a headlock. Eli tags in Cheeseburger and they double team Castle. -Cheeserburger sends Dalton to the corner and chops his chest quickly.

-Hendry picks up Cheeseburger with a stalling DDT and asks for a crowd reaction. Dalton gets Cheeseburger to the corner and tags in Hendry. Cheeseburger crawls for the pin but Dalton pulls him back. He tries to cut a promo again but Cheeseburger rolls him up with a small package. Dalton starts tossing Cheeseburger around some more. -Dalton charges Cheeseburger in the corner but Cheeseburger gets the boot up. Winners: Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry -Dalton looks shocked as Hendry rolls out the ring and celebrates. Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry -Legal men are Castle and Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger hits a hurricanrana and gains control. While the referee is distracted Mandy Leon sprays Sumie with the hairspray like the night before. While they meet face to face, Angelina attacks Kelly from behind and retreats again. “The Last Real Man” Silas Young (w/Josh “The Goods” Woods) vs.

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