Angel deradoorian dating

Pete spends time with Doug, who wants to turn Pete away from pot.

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Carter's trip animation by: Harry Teitelman Travis helps Ruth come up with a place to store her money.

Olivia brings a box of delicious home made fudge swirls which look like turds.

Carter's trip animation by: Gabriel Mangold After they connect, Travis and Olivia hallucinate Ruth while making out.

Tae Kwon Doug puts in a complaint against the dispensary so customers Dank & Dabby, a deceptively stereotypical 'dumb stoner' couple of youtubers, start a protest outside, resulting in Ruth jumping Doug in the parking lot.

First appearance of the Del Taco stoner ads as well as Cheryl, conspiracy theorist and inventor of the cannabis-based currency potcoin.

Travis and Cater bond on the roof, Pete joins them and invites Tae Kwon Douglas along.

Dank & Dabby help bring Carter and Jenny's relationship out into the open.

Pete's trip animation by: Grace Nayoon Rhee Ruth hosts Woman's Entrepreneurial Education Day with Rosie Bush, the militant lesbian, feminist and super judgmental pot farmer who runs Eve's Bush, the first all female, all-lesbian cannabis cooperative, and supplies RAC with the eponymous cannabis strain.

Carter's trip animation by: Jonathan Djob Nkondo Ruth and Travis head to the funeral of a pot activist who was an old friend of Ruth's.

The cannabis plants are doing better after being irrigated with the water infused with Jenny's mother's tea.

Travis strikes a sponsorship deal with Dank & Dabby, who have more than 100,000 Youtube subscribers.

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