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It even has a widget that’s compatible with Google Fit, putting your daily steps onto your home screen.You can customize every part of the look and feel of your Chronus widgets.You can click though for some extra battery stats, too.

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There’s even a Pomodoro timer widget that will help you cut out procrastination and get more work done.

It all ties in to an app that’s vital for anyone with a busy life.

Battery Widget Reborn is as simple as they come: it’s a small 1×1 circle with a number inside it.

That number can be either a percentage or the estimated time you’ve got left.

These include basics like the standard music controls with album art, up to a larger option that lets you browse your chosen playlist.

Download: Musicolet Music Player (Free) Owly is a relatively new Twitter app, and one of the best-looking on Android. In addition to three shortcut icons for tweeting, following a particular user, and quickly searching, is a fantastic timeline widget.

Here’s our pick of the best widgets for Android every user should have.

Want to keep your home screen uncluttered but still like to have a handy summary of your agenda for the day?

But if you prefer to listen to music stored on your phone and you want a great-looking widget to control it, look no further than Musicolet.

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