Andrew vanwyngarden fabiola gatti still dating

They split up in March 08 due to him touring for the rest of the year and not gettin to see each other.

I have seen an interview from Sep 09 where hes talkin about shootin the scene on the beach -she is standin beside him for time to pretend video and u can actually see a wave of sadnes come across his face.

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Fabiola is famous already and is clearly not using him for anything so she obviously has real feelings for Andrew.

So pls don’t talk about “Fabiola and Nasrin” like if they were the same, they are quite a significant bit different.

And yesterday I tried to find out about Fabiola , and I read she was dating the Razorlight singer last year but split up, but I can’t find exact dates…so I don’t know..anyone knows? I guess “love” builds up earwax cause he’s gonna need a lot of it if he stays with her. I love Andrew but I think Ben is the talented one in MGMT. What a boring disfunctional actress she is, the only thing she’s good at is “looking interesting”.

) so it has to be sometime after april that they started going out. v=2Qq8MBQ–UA&feature=related Fabiola’s music sucks the big one! I can understand not wanting to date someone equal to your talents (no competition) but to go out with someone who’s music literally scars the inside of your ears?! Fabiola is brilliant, based on what she’s doing now with DT, I’ve never been too keen on The Fabs stuff or The Chi Chis.

It says : Andrew Vanwyngarden of MGMT is not dating Fabiola Gatti of The Fabs. (SO GROUPIE-ISH) I WISH THEM TWO GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE THEY GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY AND PRODUCE SOME CREATIVE AND MUSICAL KIDS THAT WILL BLOW THIS WORLD AWAY!!! And gorgeous, too…it would almost be unfair on the child to be so IMPOSSIBLY beautiful. He’s too intelligent and insightful for any woman (other than myself of course) to handle. Stop calling these girls stupid, all 4 of them are good at what they do. Anyway, Andrew is dating Fabiola and never dated the others, so there’s no need to be jealous of the other 3. victoriaa above: Your long message is hard to understand, because it is written in such bad English. Its obvious that neither fabiola or nasrin would be with him if he wasnt famous and they werent gettin tons of attention – and its obviously worked.

Could mean: 1) they are not dating and never dated 2) they are not dating cuz they broke up 3) they are dating but denying it (celebs do that I dunno why they do that cuz ppl know they’re datin anyway) Yep ok ok Fabiola is pretty and Andrew is too cute to be single. But if they said they’re not dating it’s cuz they’re not dating. And if they are dating and don’t wanna say that’s probably cos they want some privacy, so we should stop gossiping about it. I met him as well, in new york about a month and a hlaf ago. We all know he’s not single, he’s dating Fabiola Gatti. I don’t think your brother went to school with Andrew, you sound like you’re from Russia or China or something. she’s actually lovely, beautiful & really funny (trust me, I hate to say it!! Who knew the model isn’t stupid & IS going out with Andrew Vanwyngarden…… all of you who claim andrew is dating nasrin are really pathetic..because he’s actually dating fabiola for ages.. I have read in interviews where he said that he was with Amanda for nearly 4 years and it was her that let him live with her when he moved to NY jobless with no idea what he was doing. andrew was compared to marc bolan (cos he also had a musician girlfriend) and it was marc bolan who died in a car accident and the girlfriend was driving. hes alive thank god i hope andrew doesnt die in a car accident cos that would be terrible cuz hes hot and has a lot of talent, so yeah i hope he never gets in a car with that fabiola ever again and if he does then i hope hes driving cos girls like her are always on drugs and probably drunk cuz of the music scene and she seems irresponsible and i read she likes red bull and people who like red bull shouldnt be trusted. They visited my little country last summer (at Sziget Festival). The same thing happens with Nasrin Leahy, Zoe Kravitz, Kirsten Dunst and who knows how many more girls. If he wants to be with Fabiola that’s ok with me as long as he doesn’t stop making music. I never liked Johnny but now I kinda feel sorry for the guy. he’s so hot that I am not able to look at him more than one second. I hope there are some Andrews left in the world and one for me 🙂 anyway: MGMT is amazing, they’re great. Well, first than anything, i must tell you that my brother is a friend of andrew cause they went togethere to college and they still seen each other. And some other thing, if you all are so sure that he and fabiola are/were (whatever you want it) dating, show me just one picture of the two together. If it’s true that Fabiola is marrying Andrew then Johnny must be devastated. She scored highly in Irish high school exams before moving to NY you prejudiced ass! The Narsin girl made that story up to get publicity but now it’s been officially proven to be a fake story and it’s been officially confirmed that he’s dating Fabiola, since October’08. And whatever Andrew decides to do with his life, whoever he dates, or if one day he gets married with, etc I don’t care as long as he keeps making music forever. He said Fabiola is the love of his life he wrote a whole album like totally dedicated to her. he is dating a model (19 years old) called Nasrin Leahy, the most stupid girl in the world. why is such an intelligent guy dating such a stupid girl and not a girl like him, intelligent, cute, with the same age? Im a personal friend of hers and that is a ridiculous comment to make when you dont even know her.So even if she was going out with him briefly they must have split up.

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