Andrew cuomo and sandra lee dating

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Lee explained in her 2007 memoir “Made From Scratch” that her mother suffered from drug addiction, and that her stepfather moved out when Lee was 12.

That left Lee as the primary caretaker for her sister and three half-siblings.

Cuomo campaign spokeswoman Abby Fashouer said, “Everyone knows the governor and Sandy have been partners for 13 years and that she is an important part of everything he does.” Cuomo also did not mention Lee in his 20 campaign bios.

Already thinking about being independent, and not really caring if my hair is messy or not; just happy to be in the sun!

Lee’s parents, Wayne Waldroop and Vicky Svitakand, were teenagers when they had her.

Lee says her paternal grandmother, Lorraine Waldroop, raised her and younger sister Cindy in their early years, after Wayne and Vicky split up.

A leading Democratic Party insider called the Lee non-mention “awkward.” “The governor is in a serious, long-term relationship with Sandra Lee. “Maybe she doesn’t want to be the first lady of New York,” said Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

“The other explanation is not so pretty — trying to hide the relationship.

She dropped out during her junior year and moved back to California, and began using the last name Christiansen again.

Sandra Lee has worked to try to ease childhood hunger and poverty.

In politics, as in life, you can’t have it both ways.” Sabato said Cuomo would have to tackle the issue if he ever hopes to move into the White House. You are trying to ignore something that is obvious to everyone else,” he said.

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