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This means that the database must support both the old and the new software until the swap is done.

In order to reliably deploy a database, the process must be I am very familiar with EF’s database migration feature and I have used it in the early stages of developing an application.

As a developer I have used a number of database access frameworks, such as ADO. Of all the frameworks I have used, I find that EF is the most productive, with a robust and comprehensive set of features.

An error occurred while updating the entries entity framework top 1000 dating sites

E ntity Framework (EF) provides an interface that makes a relational database look to like list of linked .

NET classes that represent the domain-specific objects.

The point about this arrangement is that the staging slot holds the new version of the software, which is accessing the same database as the live site.

When the new version checks out, the Dev Ops person then swaps the staging-live site.

The problem is that, as the e-commerce business grows, it is very likely that there will be changes to the type, format and structure of the data held in the database, known as the database schema.

It is normally simple to make changes such as adding a column to hold a comment, as the new table will work with the existing software.you write a list of scripts, SQL or C# based, with a name that sets the order, e.g. You can call Db Up via a Console App or directly from Power Shell.It uses a special table in the database to see which scripts have already been run and runs any scripts that are new.the structure of how the data is stored in the relational database.This article comes out of my latest project, which is an e-commerce web site using ASP. I did not feel confident that EF’s built-in data migration feature was robust enough for a deploying database changes to a live, production site.Therefore I am only going to give my brief perspective on the database update challenge.

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