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First off, problem one, her motivation was to keep the prince single so she could remain queen?

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Anyway Giselle has a rude awaking but meets Robert and Morgan, father and daughter.

Robert doesn’t want Morgan to idealize Princesses and Morgan does.

Giselle uses her fairy-Princess super powers to help people with love but Robert teaches Giselle about dating and forming attachments through getting to know a person.

While that is happing Narissa’s henchman, Nathaniel is trying to kill Giselle by poison apple method, Giselle’s chipmunk pal, Pip is trying to help Giselle not to die and Edward is searching for Giselle.

I guess the point of Giselle’s costumes is that they get more modern the longer she is in the real work but come on movie, that Tahari gown was in no way the next step for her fashion evolution. I think the only number that wasn’t that great was the Ballroom dance, though maybe I just don’t like that scene, that darn dress and the final fight meh.

Also why didn’t Narissa get a a villain songs, seriously we get three freaking songs about love and romance but no Villain songs.

Enchanted is an entertaining enough movie yes but does its message of real life vs fantasy get muddle in Disney-ideals and its own tropes? Fair Maiden Giselle, one day meets Prince Edward and they promptly decide to get married the next day, why rush a good thing, right?

However Edward’s stepmother Queen Narissa doesn’t want Edward to get married as it would diminish her power so on the wedding dat Narissa pushes Giselle down a fountian waterfall spring thing to a place where happy ever after don’t exist, Manhattan, and not like third world country no, fucking Time Square is where happy ever after don’t exist, like that’s the joke?

Robert feels this way because Morgan’s mom left for reason.

They take Giselle back to their apartment which causes a little fiction with Robert’s girlfriend Nancy.

The first time I ever saw the 2007 movie Enchanted, I was on a plane going from Quebec City to Montreal.

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