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But according to Al, creating regulations to differentiate the good tours from the bad would just be too difficult.

While the decision is being contended, in the district itself, it’s business as usual.

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The worst offenders, she claims, tend to be a certain type of tourist: “18 years old, drunk, and really insecure.” Tour guide Van Patot agrees, indicating that in his eyes, the real problem is self-guided tours fueled by alcohol.

Of 1,600 permit holding tour guides in Amsterdam, just 12 were fined for misconduct since April 2018 -- half of them pub crawls.

“You see how people live next to brothels, which are next to a church, which is next to a cannabis shop, next to a kindergarten.” That all changes on January 1, 2020, when a ban on all guided tours of Amsterdam’s red light district, De Wallen, will take effect.

Future travelers might need better travel books to learn the area’s long and fascinating history -- like where Rembrandt’s wife is buried, or a hidden Catholic church -- or how one comes to be a prostitute working in a window in Amsterdam.

Even so, Sunny and Felicia are both worried about how the ban might affect business.

Felicia also leads a daytime tour for Red Light District Amsterdam Tours starting in a window room.

Sloppy intoxication ­-- public urination, vomiting, accidents, and unruly behavior -- are commonplace.

Residents are complaining, a fair number of them in De Wallen, which has seen a growth in private housing and new entrepreneurship over recent years.

“But the city board said we don’t want that image anymore. In 2016, hundreds of windows were shuttered to ease the number of tourists squeezing into narrow streets.

Starting in April, tours have also been curbed, now only allowed to operate until 7 pm. previously.) The maximum size of tour groups has also been cut from 20 to 15.

Al says more measures are still to come, particularly to continue addressing overcrowding and problems like human trafficking.

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