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The Dutch do not see moral restraints in using services of the sex worker. Walking through the Red Light District you might see the girl you would like to be with.All you have to do is to show your interest through a small gesture.The city health services inform the prostitutes about a free or low -cost clinic for sexually transmitted diseases, provide free or low cost medical car.

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In 1988, prostitution has been recognized as a legal profession.

The new law introduced in October 2000 clearly makes prostitution legal, subjecting it to the municipal regulations about the organization and the practice of business.

The PIC shop sells books about the prostitution, organizes lectures and guides tours around the area.

Prostitution Information Center together with the union of prostitutes The Red Thread, fight for the rights of working women and has been instrumental in influencing the recent changes in the Dutch prostitution laws.

You step inside and the curtain on the window is tightly closed and the door locked. You will have your 20 minutes of pleasure you paid for.

The condom is a must, whatever you both agreed upon, for your own safety.Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands since 1830.Until 1980 there was a law (dating from 1911), forbidding taking profit from prostitution.A classic song by a French-Belgium Jacques Brel “Amsterdam”, describes a night in the city with women and alcohol, where sailors are the main clients.Not many sailors today, but every evening tourists are flocking to the Red Light District.Amazingly, in 2007 the judge decided that the VAT which strip dancers have to add to the bill for their performances should be not as on other services - 19%, but lower - the same as on art and artistic performances – 6%.

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