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Hull began to seek potential buyers for the company.

After Michael's departure, Hull continued to leverage connections with well-known musicians to increase awareness of his products within the New York jazz community, and Ampeg's new location between Carnegie Hall, NBC Studios in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, and the Paramount Theatre helped establish relationships with bassists like Oscar Pettiford, Joe Comfort, Amos Milburn and Don Bagley.

In 1955, local musician and electrician Jess Oliver visited Ampeg's offices to purchase an amplified peg, and upon easily installing the amplified peg himself, Hull offered him a job.

By 1964 Ampeg had 100 employees and needed even more space, so it relocated to a larger space just one block away.

The combination of the rising popularity of rock and roll and the shift of bassists from upright bass to electric bass guitar during this time posed a challenge to Ampeg’s core business.

Originally established in 1946 in Linden, New Jersey by Everitt Hull and Stanley Michaels as "Michaels-Hull Electronic Labs," today Ampeg is part of the Yamaha Guitar Group.

Although the company specializes in the production of bass amplifiers, it has previously manufactured guitar amplifiers, pickups and several instruments including, double basses, bass guitars, and electric guitars.

Oliver didn't join Ampeg full time until 1956, the same year that Ampeg's name was simplified to "The Ampeg Company." In 1959, the company was incorporated as "The Ampeg Company, Inc.," with Everett Hull as President, his wife Gertrude as Secretary, and Jess Oliver as Vice president.

In 1960, Ampeg introduced the B-15, a bass combo amp with closed-back reflex cabinet, double-baffle porting system, and an innovative flip-top function, invented and patented by Oliver.

The company's ads continued to feature prominent classical, jazz, and country artists, but with a notable absence of rock artists, and Hull strove to minmize the amount of time that rock musicians spent visiting Ampeg's facilities.

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