Allow automatic updating android

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Enabling it will effectively set each individual app associated with the account to auto-update, and disabling it will of course do the opposite.

This setting is found by simply going into the Market's settings ( Titanium Backup (root only) has "Market Tools".

There bitter truth is there is none option to switch all automatic updated off in one go.

I solved my particular problem by rooting the phone.

If an Internet connection is not set up on your TV, or you don’t want to wait for the update via "Automatic software download" function, try to download and update using a USB storage device as instructed below.

Once you've downloaded the update file and prepared your USB device, you can install it on your TV.

The toggle is near the top, called "Automatic system updates." If you turn it off, your phone will not download OTAs by itself, but it's unclear if that means you won't see the notification at all either.

We can't say if this is a real feature of Android N, or just something for the developer preview.

IMPORTANT: The following "System Requirements," "File Info," "Download" and "Install," sections relate to the USB storage device update procedure.

You can ignore them if you completed the update using the "Automatic software download" feature.

And here comes the nasty twist: Google book is not actually available for my System (for whatever reason).

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